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Collectable Doll - Scottish Boy with Bagpipes

Collectable Vintage 1950s/60s Doll - Scottish with Bagpipes, Amazing Detail on Costume


Original collectable doll, in hard plastic with lidded / rolling eyes

In good condition – outfit and costume are intact although there is marking on the face – possibly from glue. With some attention, you may well be able to remove this. Some of the paint has faded off the eyes

This is likely to be from around the 1950s/60s era, I brought this back from the USA (New York)

The detail on the costume is amazing, with lace on the jacket and sleeves, also on the socks

Measures approximately 18cm high

Condition:Generally good but fading to paint on eyes and some discolouration (possibly glue) to upper face
Measurements:Approximately 18cm high