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Caption Competition Number 6 – Winter Vest


Thanks to all of you for entering the latest caption competition. Again, we’ve been wowed by your creativity and tickled by your humour. As every, this makes judging a very difficult process.  This time, the Tipper family acted as our independent judges. They found it difficult to choose between two entries – that of Lady Isoult, and that of the one deemed to be the final winner – Trish! 

Well done Trish and I will be in contact regarding your very special vintage prize which will be winging its way to you shortly

Now then, did you have that issue as a child – of your parents insisting you tuck your vest into your pants?
At the time it seemed like a hideously uncool idea, but now – well the logic in it has become apparent – or maybe that’s just me?

The thoughts that go through the mind now are such an echo back to those parental cries: “she’ll never feel the benefit”, “that skirt barely covers her bottom” and “don’t sit on that cold step, you’ll get piles”…

There are lots of lovely warm and snuggly vintage babies and children’s clothes listed on this site. All unused, totally new oldstock from the 1960s and 70s era. Got a little un you want to see nice and warm as winter approaches, or want to buy a very smart present for a kiddie for christmas? Then take a looksee…I’m also planning on getting busy and listing some adults hats, scarves and gloves – so keep your eyes peeled!

So I’ve picked a suitable knitting pattern for this caption competition – with the vest detail clear for all to see – and not a pant tucking in sight. I do still hope these ladies will be putting coats on before they go outside! Get your thinking caps on and get captioning away! x

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