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Caption Competition Number 10 – Spring Is Coming

Okay so it’s been some time since my last post – apologies but I seem to have been caught up in things. Well the winner has been chosen…and its got to be Dave Digger Barnes. Well done for your multiple entries. I’ll be in touch shortly regarding getting you your prize!

New competition will be posted up shortly, so watch this

Okay so the sun has started showing its face and everything seems so much better! Let’s not be too hasty though, don’t pack your winter warmers away yet as I am sure we still have a few chilly days in store for us.

But we can start thinking about the summer ahead: for those of you who have been dieting since January 1st, well done and keep up the good work. Apparently it helps to visualise yourself where you want to be at for your end goal – so if it’s fitting in that slinky swim-suit on your summer holidays, then just picture yourself in it looking gorgeous!

The image I have selected for Caption Competition Number 10 links in with the great outdoors and being wrapped up to enjoy it properly. I am sure you can think of some funny one-liners to go with this beauty. Good luck, and rememer, the winner will receive a lovely hand-picked vintage prize!


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