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Caption Competition Number 6 – Winter Vest


Thanks to all of you for entering the latest caption competition. Again, we’ve been wowed by your creativity and tickled by your humour. As every, this makes judging a very difficult process.  This time, the Tipper family acted as our independent judges. They found it difficult to choose between two entries – that of Lady Isoult, and that of the one deemed to be the final winner – Trish! 

Well done Trish and I will be in contact regarding your very special vintage prize which will be winging its way to you shortly

Now then, did you have that issue as a child – of your parents insisting you tuck your vest into your pants?
At the time it seemed like a hideously uncool idea, but now – well the logic in it has become apparent – or maybe that’s just me?

The thoughts that go through the mind now are such an echo back to those parental cries: “she’ll never feel the benefit”, “that skirt barely covers her bottom” and “don’t sit on that cold step, you’ll get piles”…

There are lots of lovely warm and snuggly vintage babies and children’s clothes listed on this site. All unused, totally new oldstock from the 1960s and 70s era. Got a little un you want to see nice and warm as winter approaches, or want to buy a very smart present for a kiddie for christmas? Then take a looksee…I’m also planning on getting busy and listing some adults hats, scarves and gloves – so keep your eyes peeled!

So I’ve picked a suitable knitting pattern for this caption competition – with the vest detail clear for all to see – and not a pant tucking in sight. I do still hope these ladies will be putting coats on before they go outside! Get your thinking caps on and get captioning away! x

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Knitting Caption Competition Number 5 – Cosy Time!

Well done Rowena for being picked as the winner of Caption Competition Number 4 – your special vintage prize is winging it’s way to you.

Oooh isn’t it terrible! The cold has started creeping in, and the woolly jumpers have made an appearance back in my wardrobe. Don’t despair though, as apart from a few sunny days still sneaking back in each time we’re convinced we’ve seen the last of it for a few months, we can also look forward to cosying up for winter. I don’t know about you, but I love wrapping up in my winter knits and accessories: gloves, scarfs, hats, big chunky socks….All that fun with colour and co-ordination!

Which leads me nicely into the cosyness of knitted all in ones – and the selected knitting pattern for Competion Number 5. Come on then and show us what you’ve got this time….And if whilst studying the picture you think about digging out your thermals, you can thank me for my foresight later. Enjoy!

WELL DONE TO THE WINNER of Caption Competition Number 5 – we’ve had an independent adjudicator in, who has selected Lady Isoult as the winner.
So ladies and gents, the tip for this winter is to keep yourself wrapped up warm! Check out the snuggly babies and childrens wear listed on here. We’ll get busy and list some ladies and gents hats, scarves and gloves very soon…

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Caption Competition Number 4

Apologies for the delay in judging competition number 4 – both computers decided to go kaput which has really limited what I can do….Take heart in that we are getting one repaired computer back very soon so business will be back to normal by the end of the week.

And now down to the judging: again, some really great entries, but this time our independent judge has picked out Rowena as the winner! Well done Rowena and I will be in touch about getting your special vintage prize to you.

Competition Number 5 will be posted very soon so keep your eyes peeled and the grey cells ticking over ready for a new challenge….


Well done for some really imaginative and topical entries to the last competition. The winner was judged to be Val, who will soon be receiving a prize…well done Val!

Don’t dismay – for those of you who came close runners up, you have another chance to win with Competition Number 4….

Now some of you will be sunning yourself on holidays, others we know will be off to soul weekenders. Next weekend is, amongst other things, the Brighton Mod Weekender. The beautiful knitting pattern here shows a couple of stylish ladies – I know I’ll see some really well turned out ladies and gents at Brighton…

We’ll be down there and have a stall selling a range of new oldstock vintage children’s and baby’s clothing. A few items are already listed on the website to give you a flavour of things to come…

We hope to see some of you down there. In the meantime, let’s have some of your captions purlease xxx

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Caption Competition Number 3 – what do you see?

With congratulations to Linda for winning ‘caption competition number 2’ – a prize will be winging its way to you shortly…Our judge had a really hard job of it with some top captions coming through

So make it hard for the next judge by giving us more beauties. I’ve chosen a topical picture this time, what with it being the school summer holidays and all…what do you think these two are scheming?

the next competition will be posted up in the next few days, so get your thinking hats on boys and girls, this ones gonna be a scorcher xxx

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Caption Competition Number 2 – Over to You

Thank you to all those who entered Caption Competition Number 1, demonstrating your creative and fun side!
Independent Judges (okay, friends of mine) chose Adie’s entry as the winning one. Well done to the rest of you who came a very close second…

Having gone through my very vast collection of knitting patterns, I’ve found another beauty for you to unleash your potential on. Come on, show us what goes on in that beautiful mind of yours!

And most of all, enjoy…x

Thank you to all who entered the competition.
I’ve asked someone independent to judge the winner, which was really hard this time with some fantastic captions. The winner is…..[drum roll] – Linda. Well done Linda, check your inbox for a message about your prize, which will soon be winging its way to you.

Caption Competition Number 3 will be posted shortly. Be sure to come up with something witty for your chance to win a lovely vintage prize!

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Knitting Pattern Caption Competition Number 1 – Get Creative!

So then, vintage knitting patterns: they are either very cool, very kitsch or super ridiculous….And most times begging for a caption..

This is where you come in…

I’m going to regularly post up a new knitting pattern, and your task is to come up with the wittiest caption. Keep it (relatively) clean, innuendo is allowed but let’s play nice here…

I’ve searched long and hard through my pattern collection, and this little beauty is the target for this very first posting. So have a go, entertain and amuse us….purlease!

Thank you all for your entries, demonstrating your creative and fun side!

I asked my lovely friends Steve and Jo to choose the winning caption, and they chose….[drum roll] – Adie!
Well done Adie, I will be getting in contact with you to arrange for the delivery of a hand picked vintage prize!

The next caption competition will be going up later today, so watch this space, and get your thinking hats on!

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